Billionaire likes Bitcoin better after currency exceeds U$ 13 thousand

Rally is still the first entry, said the billionaire who recently bought Bitcoin.

Paul Tudor Jones is one of the richest hedge fund managers, billionaire buys Bitcoin System and makes price jump
Paul Tudor Jones is one of the richest hedge fund managers – Reproduction

After Bitcoin surpassed US$ 13 thousand again, a billionaire gave an interview and said that now he likes cryptomeda more than before.

The world actually stopped when Paul Tudor Jones publicly announced that he was buying Bitcoin. This is because, going through one of the worst crises in history, several investors are seeking refuge for the capital.

When buying Bitcoin, however, the billionaire said he was taking some of the money from the traditional system. When the billionaire bought Bitcoin the price approached R$ 60 thousand in Brazil, in May 2020.

The price of Bitcoin today, however, already surpasses the R$ 73 thousand, breaking even the historical high of Bitcoin in Brazil.

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones says he now likes Bitcoin more, after currency break U$ 13 thousand

Certainly when making an investment, in any asset class, an investor expects to be right. This is true for those who bet on the high of a market or even the low of it.

By buying Bitcoin, even a fraction of the currency, people are avoiding the financial system of central banks. Such systems are controlled by centralized entities linked to governments, the opposite of what Bitcoin represents.

Criticizing the U.S. Central Bank, billionaire Paul Tudor Jones went further and moved part of his reserve to Bitcoin. In May 2020, the billionaire stated that Bitcoin is the new gold.

Jones is one of the most famous investors in the USA, accumulating fortune over the years. In the 70’s, for example, the investor sought refuge in gold when the market was going through instabilities.

„I like bitcoin even more now than before. I think we are in the first round of bitcoin and we still have a long way to go,“ said Tudor Jones in an interview on Thursday (22).

Inflation concerns take care of Paul Tudor Jones and Bitcoin may be the solution

In 2020, the billionaire took refuge in Bitcoin and said to the market that we are going through a dangerous era. Called „The Great Monetary Inflation,“ Jones sent a public letter and declared that the FED, the U.S. Central Bank, is to blame.

In fact, with the mass issuance of money by several central banks, global inflation is a fear of the market today. Even so, Tudor said that Bitcoin offers interesting protection, perhaps the best today, in an interview with CNBC on Thursday (22).

It is worth mentioning that Bitcoin has again broken the U$ 13 thousand per unit after a long time. The last time Bitcoin was negotiated in this price region was in June 2019, when it reached U$ 13600. Today the currency is traded above U$ 13100, or R$ 73 thousand in Brazil.

Tudor Jones said finally that Bitcoin is still at the beginning of its journey, even with the intense valuation. That’s because, with the inflation could get worse and worse, more people should buy the currency. This mass purchase could take the price of Bitcoin to new highs, as in Brazil, for example.