Revolutionary DeSo Blockchain Launches Innovative PoS System

• Coinbase-backed DeSo Blockchain has introduced a revolutionary Proof of Stake system.
• This technology promises to improve energy efficiency and security while increasing the value of its native currency, $DESO.
• Features include maximum deflation, Revolution Rule, and Sovereign staking.

Coinbase Backs DeSo Blockchain

Coinbase Ventures and other investors have backed the decentralized social media blockchain DeSo with $200 million in funding. The company has just introduced a groundbreaking new Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system that promises to revolutionize the industry with improved energy efficiency and security while making its native currency more valuable.

Revolutionary New Features

The new PoS system combines elements from various other leading layer-1 blockchains such as Tendermint, HotStuff, DiemBFT, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and Flow. It was aptly named „Revolution“ due to its innovative features that build on the successes of earlier mechanisms. These include maximum deflation (where transaction fees are burned), Revolution Rule (automatically timing out leaders who censor mempool transactions), and Sovereign staking (allowing users to lock up deposits for only three hours).

Energy Efficiency & Security

As with Ethereum PoS systems, validator nodes must lock up a deposit of $DESO tokens on the DeSo network in order to participate in consensus. Using crypto as collateral compels these nodes to behave appropriately and helps keep the network secure. All of this combined makes for an even more secure network that is also more energy efficient than previous PoS models.

Founder’s Statement

Nader Al-Naji—founder of DeSo—stated: “We’re excited to introduce roughly a dozen distinct breakthroughs over existing proof-of-stake mechanisms with Revolution…These breakthroughs are arguably worthy of their own distinct academic paper.“ This highlights just how significant these advancements are and their potential ability to drive innovation in the blockchain space further than ever before.


DeSo’s state-of-the-art system marks a major milestone for not only the blockchain industry but also society at large by introducing revolutionary new features that make it one of the most censorship resistant systems in existence while providing greater energy efficiency and security through its groundbreaking PoS model.