Adidas Launches Chapter 1 of NFT Collection in Billion-Dollar Market

• Adidas has released Chapter 1 of its NFT collection into the market. Those who receive the New NFTs would only pay the gas fee.
• Holders of the NFTs from the first phase of Into The Metaverse will receive new NFTs from Ethereum-based ALTS by Adidas after burning their NFTs.
• The ALTS by Adidas collection promises holders various utilities such as exclusive virtual wearables, access to holder-only community gatherings, and token-gated Discord channels.

Adidas Launches Chapter 1 of NFT Collection

Adidas has released Chapter 1 of its much-anticipated New Tokenized (NFT) collection into the market. Those who receive these tokens will only have to pay for gas fees in order to be able to use them. This marks a major milestone for the billion-dollar sneaker and lifestyle brand as it continues to expand its Into The Metaverse ecosystem.

Collaborations with Influencers and Comics

Adidas collaborated with influencer gmoney, PUNKS Comic, and Bored Ape Yacht Club in order to create this unique collection which allows holders to burn their original tokens from Phase One in exchange for a new ERC-1155 token. This exchange would allow receivers access to physical clothing items in subsequent phases of this project.

Into The Metaverse Collection Overview

The Into The Metaverse collection is made up of 30,000 digital collectibles on Ethereum Blockchain with three distinct phases planned out for 2021 and 2022 respectively. In December 2021, it was launched with several community projects while June 2022 saw mysterious airdrops that hinted at an upcoming Virtual Gear Collection which can now be accessed through these tokens at a floor price of 0.375 ETH ($453).

Utilities Provided by ALTS By Adidas Collection

Holders of these tokens can also expect various utilities such as intellectual property rights over their character, entry into holder-only community gatherings, access to exclusive virtual wearables, as well as token gated Discord channels where they can interact with like minded people from around the world discussing all things related to sneakers and lifestyle trends .


This new release from Adidas is sure to capture the imagination of sneakerheads and crypto enthusiasts alike as it brings together two worlds that were previously thought impossible due its complex technical nature; however this pioneering company has shown that anything is possible when you put your mind towards something! With more chapters expected in coming months, we are truly excited about what’s next!