Unlock the Metaverse: Price Predictions for Pikamoon, Blur, & STEPN

• The article discusses three Metaverse projects—Pikamoon, Blur, and STEPN—and provides a prediction of their price over time.
• Pikamoon is an NFT game that gives players an opportunity to earn real rewards. It is currently in pre-sale, and its price could reach $1–$10 in the long run.
• Blur is an NFT marketplace that offers traders more than just a place to trade tokens; it provides analytics, real-time data, and other tools for optimizing trading experience.

Overview of the Metaverse

The Metaverse consists of virtual worlds with hundreds of crypto projects working on them. Companies like Meta are developing their own Metaverse and improving existing hardware to make it easier for us to enter the Metaverse. This gives smart crypto investors numerous opportunities to take advantage of.

Price Prediction for Pikamoon

Pikamoon is a metaverse game inspired by popular titles such as Pokemon, FIFA, and Fortnite. Players embody characters called Pikamoons (which are non-fungible tokens) that can explore the Pikaverse, compete with other players, upgrade their NFTs, and trade assets at the in-game marketplace. Currently in pre-sale mode, 1 PIKA has been valued at $0.0002 but could shoot up 100x during or after presale time making 1 PIKA equal to $0.02 or even higher at $1–$10 in the long run.

Price Prediction for Blur

Blur is an NFT marketplace launched in October 2022 that provides traders with more than just a place to trade non-fungible tokens; it also offers analytics, real-time data, and other helpful tools for optimizing one’s trading experience. With these features combined with its already established user base from when it was first launched two years ago , we believe that Blur’s price will continue to increase over time as more people begin using its services .

Price Prediction for STEPN

STEPN is a platform designed specifically for creating digital collectibles – known as 3D artworks – which allows users to uniquely customize their digital creations through various design options while earning rewards in return . We predict that STEPN’s prices will rise quickly due its unique concept , as many people have already expressed interest before it was even released . As it becomes more popular , we expect STEPN’s prices could reach between $0 . 05 – $0 . 10 per token within the next few years .


It’s easy to see why so many investors are interested in getting involved with projects related to the metaverse: there are huge potential profits available here! Whether you decide on Pikamoon , Blur or STEPN , each project has great potential gains waiting down the line if you make your investments early enough .