IOTA and Dell Launch Alvarium to Fight Climate Change with Blockchain

• Dell Technologies and IOTA have launched Project Alvarium, an open-source project focused on enabling trust and data for applications that track carbon footprints.
• Leveraging the power of blockchain, Project Alvarium takes data from sensors and other manual inputs and processes it using Dell PowerEdge servers to deliver real-time insights into carbon footprints.
• The aim of this project is to reduce greenwashing i.e. incorrect reporting and reimbursements issued with a higher level of transparency and immutable data.

Project Alvarium: Tracking & Verifying Climate Change Data

Dell Technologies and IOTA have recently launched Project Alvarium – an open-source project aimed at providing trust and data for applications related to climate change research. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Project Alvarium enables users to track carbon footprints in real time by taking in data from sensors as well as manual inputs which are then processed using Dell PowerEdge servers.

Reducing Greenwashing

One of the biggest challenges faced by the climate industry is greenwashing i.e. incorrect reporting and reimbursements issued due to lack of transparency in data tracking. By introducing this project, stakeholders such as organizations, individuals, and regulators will now have access to immutable data which will help lower the output as well as the barrier to issuing carbon credits while reducing greenwashing at the same time.

Smart Monitoring & Best-in-Class Trust & Transparency

The primary goal behind creating this project was to ensure that there is a smart monitoring system in place along with best-in-class levels of trust, confidence, and transparency when it comes to accurately tracking carbon emissions around the world. This way users can be assured that all the data being collected is reliable while also helping reduce their own personal or business’s carbon footprint over time if they choose to do so.

Steve Todd’s Comments

Steve Todd – Fellow at Dell Technologies commented on this development saying: “Data confidence is needed to actually make good decisions about climate change initiatives.“ He further added „With Project Alvarium we are able to provide a really high quality transparency for our customers so that they can accurately track their carbon footprint with Dell Edge Solutions.“


Project Alvarium has certainly taken things up a notch when it comes making sure that data related to climate change initiatives are accurate while also helping reduce greenwashing through its smart monitoring system with best-in-class levels of trust, confidence, and transparency provided by leveraging blockchain technology.