IOTA Reaches Milestone: Shimmer Testnet Hits 1 Million Daily Transactions

• ShimmerEVM testnet has reached milestone of 1 million daily transactions.
• Shimmer partnered with SPYCE.5 to help organizations build projects atop IOTA and Shimmer.
• Treasures of Shimmer gaming experience encourages greater participation in the Shimmer network and offers rewards in the form of $SMR tokens.

ShimmerEVM Testnet Hits Milestone

The ShimmerEVM testnet, a Layer-1 staging network of the IOTA network, has achieved a massive milestone by processing 1 million daily transactions. This roaring performance was driven by the release of Treasures of Shimmer, a Web3 gaming experience developed by IOTAHeroes that encourages more participation in the network and offers rewards in the form of native $SMR tokens. The DevOps team has made major improvements to ensure that the testnet runs smoothly and seamlessly.

SPYCE.5 Partners With Industry Heavyweight Servrox

Shimmer recently announced its partnership with technology infrastructure provider SPYCE.5 to provide necessary infrastructure and consultation for organizations looking to build projects atop IOTA and Shimmer. This will enable these organizations to take full advantage of all features offered by this platform including high scalability, high transaction volume capacity, smart contract functionality etc.,

Treasures Of Shimmer Gaming Experience

Treasures Of Shimmer is a gaming experience developed by IOTAHeroes that helps strengthen the network by encouraging people to participate in it more actively. It also incentivizes participants with rewards in the form of native $SMR tokens as they complete various tasks while playing this game on the platform’s decentralized ledger technology (DLT).

Benefits Of Collaboration With SPYCE5

This collaboration between SPYCE5 and industry heavyweight Servrox will help organizations avail all benefits offered by IOTA’s decentralized ledger technology (DLT) such as improved scalability, higher transaction volumes etc., It will also provide them an opportunity to develop projects built upon these technologies which can further be used for different applications ranging from banking services to energy management solutions etc.,


The recent surge in activity on the shimmerEVM testnet is indicative of its growing acceptance among users as well as developers who are utilizing its features for building robust applications on top its platform. Furthermore, this recent partnership between SPYCE5 and Servrox will further increase adoption rates for both IOTA’s DLT as well as shimmer’s Layer-1 staging network among developers while helping them create advanced applications better suited for their businesses or other needs.