SEC vs Ripple: Will XRP Price Skyrocket After Court’s Ruling?

• Aaron Kaplan, founder and CEO of Prometheum, predicts that SEC will win the Ripple vs SEC case due to similarities with another court ruling.
• The Ripple community does not agree with Kaplan’s prediction and believes in their own chances for victory.
• William Hinman’s 2018 speech is expected to have a huge impact on the case.

Prometheum’s Prediction

Prometheum’s Aaron Kaplan compares the Ripple vs SEC case to LBRY vs SEC, predicting a victory for the Commission. The Ripple community members as well as Attorney John Deaton question his knowledge about the case and label SEC’s argument as “erroneous”.

William Hinman’s Speech

The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit is nearing its final ruling with both parties confident of a victory. Recently, the 2018 speech of the former director of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) William Hinman was made public upon the court’s directive and is expected to have a huge impact on the case.

Prometheum Founder’s Viewpoint

Regardless of the confidence of the Ripple community, founder and CEO of crypto brokerage firm Prometheum Aaron Kaplan thinks otherwise. According to Kaplan, SEC has an edge over Ripple in this case. In his statement, the case has a lot of similarities with the content distribution decentralized blockchain platform LBRY Credits case when the SEC “dragged” them to court in March 2021. The primary charge was that the company violated securities law by offering unregistered LBC tokens. In that case, the Court ruled in favor of the Commission.

Ripple Community Reaction

Obviously, Kaplan’s prediction was not taken lightly by