MetaBlaze Blasts Off: $4M Presale, Gaming Guilds, AI-NFTs!

• MetaBlaze, a Web 3 Gaming and AI Company, has sold out its presale, raising $4M.
• The company has partnered with two gaming guilds to expand its reach.
• A never-before-seen AI-Integrated NFT collection is set to launch in Q3.

MetaBlaze Raises $4 Million Through Presale

MetaBlaze, a pioneering Web 3 Gaming and AI Company, has achieved a successful presale hard cap of USD 4 million. The sale was filled with over two thousand and two hundred holders from the MetaBlaze community who are excited for the upcoming launch of the native mblz token on September 15th.

Strategic Partnerships with Two Key Gaming Guilds

To further expand their reach in the Web3 gaming space, MetaBlaze has entered into strategic partnerships with and IndiGG – both renowned brands in the gaming world. By leveraging Glip’s experience and player network they plan to reshape Web3 gaming by introducing Craft-to-Earn and Solve-to-Earn experiences as well as dynamic storytelling elements. Meanwhile, IndiGG aims to engage global gamers through play-to-earn prospects facilitated by their partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG) DAO backed by Polygon Studios.

AI Integrated NFT Collection Set To Launch In Q3

As part of this ambitious expansion effort, MetaBlaze is preparing to launch a never before seen AI integrated NFT collection in Q3 – available through their innovative MetaChip platform. This new system promises to revolutionize how users can interact with digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The integration of artificial intelligence allows for incredibly unique experiences that can be tailored according to individual user preferences while also providing an unprecedented level of security for all transactions conducted on the platform.


Overall, it is clear that the team behind MetaBlaze have worked diligently to create one of the most ambitious projects ever seen in the web 3 gaming space . With their sold out presale , strategic partnerships , and game changing NFT offering , it looks like 2023 could be a very exciting year indeed for MetaBlaze .