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• The article discusses how the current coronavirus pandemic has changed the way in which people interact with one another.
• It explains the various forms of communication that have emerged as a result, such as virtual hangouts and video calls.
• It also highlights how this shift to digital communication has allowed for greater connection between people despite physical distancing.

How Coronavirus Has Changed Social Interaction

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on social interaction worldwide. With physical distancing measures in place, many of us have had to find other ways to stay connected with family and friends.

Emergence of Virtual Hangouts

One of the most popular methods of maintaining social contact during this time is through virtual hangouts. These online gatherings allow individuals to chat, watch movies together, play games, and more – all from their own homes. The widespread use of video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts has made it easier than ever before to stay connected with our loved ones while still following safety guidelines.

Benefits of Video Calls

Video calls are another great way to keep in touch with family members who live far away or aren’t able to visit due to restrictions. This type of communication allows users to not only hear each other’s voices but also see each other’s faces – providing a sense of comfort and closeness that can be difficult to achieve through text-based messaging alone. In addition, video calls enable multiple individuals from different locations around the world to come together in one ‘room’ at the same time – allowing us all to feel part of something larger than ourselves even when we are physically apart.

Increase in Digital Communication

The shift towards digital communication has enabled us all to remain socially engaged throughout this difficult period – helping us maintain our mental health and wellbeing by staying connected with those we care about most. Although nothing can replace face-to-face interactions, these new forms of communication have allowed for greater connection between people despite physical distancing measures being in place around the world.


The coronavirus pandemic may have changed the way we interact with each other but it has also opened up an array of new opportunities for staying connected digitally – from virtual hangouts and video calls, through to increased use of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok!